Pepper Steak Pie

Pepper Steak Pie

Recipe by lx20.admin


  • Beef

  • Small onion

  • Mushrooms

  • Cracked Pepper

  • ½ tsp steak spice

  • 2 tsp beef stock

  • Red capsicum

  • 2 tsp flour

  • Pastry or pie cases

  • Small bit of milk


  • Coat beef in flour, pepper & steak spice – retain the remaining mixture
  • Brown beef then add onion 
  • Add mushrooms
  • Add beef stock to remaining flour mixture and stir into 2 cups of water.
  • Add to meat
  • Simmer until meat is soft
  • Cut capsicum into thin slices
  • Add meat mixture to pie bases
  • Add thin slices of capsicum to the top of the meat and sprinkle on cracked pepper
  • Add pastry to top, brush with milk (to make it brown) and sprinkle a bit of cracked pepper on top
  • Bake until golden brown on top